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4 Essay Writing Tips For First-year University Students: What To Include In Your Paper?

If you’re a first-year university student, chances are that you’ve just recently been introduced to the world of essay writing! Even if it’s not your favorite pastime, having a few essay writing tips up your sleeve can make the process much less daunting and help you get better results.

Writing an essay for the first time can be an intimidating experience for university students. Before you even begin to write, it’s important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the structure and requirements of the essay you are tasked with completing.

If you are not keen on writing, using custom essay writing services might be a good start. These services employ professional writers who can create custom-written essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, and other types of academic content. The process of using these services is generally quite simple: a student submits their assignment details, including the topic, the length of the essay, and any special instructions or requirements, and the service matches the student with a qualified writer. The student then works with the writer to ensure that the essay meets their needs and expectations.

Here are some tips that can help first-year university students get started and craft compelling essays.


  • Assess the subject matter – Read through any instructions given by your professor or school carefully – these instructions are essential in accurately answering the question or topic at hand. Additionally, research and become familiar with any materials given to you, as this will be a crucial step in helping you comprehend what is being asked of you in the essay. Finally, create an outline of your ideas and identify any key points that must be included in your paper – this outline will serve as your roadmap and help guide the entire writing process.
  • Develop a thesis statement – Once you have identified your topic area and done the necessary research, it’s important to develop a basic thesis statement detailing your main argument or primary takeaways from the research process – this thesis should be prominent throughout all sections of your paper as well.
  • Provide introductory context – When starting out on each paragraph’s main point it is also helpful to provide some introductory context in each section, which will allow readers unfamiliar with your topic area to better understand what is being discussed within each body paragraph without having to dive too deep into prior sections or research material that may not even be relevant or necessary for understanding what is being said or argued within each section itself.
  • Craft an effective conclusion – When crafting an effective conclusion it is important to reiterate any key points outlined in earlier sections as well as demonstrate how these key points effectively support your overall thesis and portray its relevance within its respective field (e.g., history, anthropology). This will provide readers with closure on the argument made throughout the course of your paper’s body section(s) while ensuring they clearly understand what was just explored over the course of reading through wherever applicable workpiece (s).


Writing essays at university can be a daunting task. It requires a combination of strong writing skills and research capabilities, as well as an understanding of the subject matter. Essay writing techniques such as outlining your ideas, developing an argument, and providing evidence to support it will improve as you gain more practice. Additionally, paying attention to conventions and presentation requirements is important for creating well-structured essays that communicate effectively.