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Ethical Hacking Career Path in 2023

We can learn from the past that adding ethical hackers to a company’s team is a great idea. By the passing of time we have observed that some of the leading technology firms around the world have employed hackers.

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The main goal of ethical hacking is to thwart unauthorized access, theft, and exploitation. Accessing a business’s system and networks to find security threats before hackers can attack them is a lawful launch.

OK! Before we reach the core of Ethical Hacking, it’s advised to quickly check the points to be discussed ahead in this blog:


Table of Contents

  • What is Ethical Hacking?
  • Who is an Ethical Hacker?
  • Do we really need Ethical Hacking?
  • Prerequisites: Ethical Hacking
  • Roadmap to become an Ethical Hacker
  • Future of Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?


  • The act of legally looking into computers and other technology to assess a company’s security is known as ethical hacking.
  • To put it in another way, ethical hacking is the process of finding vulnerabilities in a network and getting access to the devices linked to it.
  • The information obtained in return is then utilized to close the holes and strengthen the security of the target network.

How can we define an Ethical Hacker?

In simplest terms, A hacker is a person who seeks out weaknesses and vulnerabilities in goods and attempts to solve them, particularly in a connection, application, or computing device.

Now that we know what is meant by the terms, “Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hacker”, let us discuss are they really needed today??

Do we really need Ethical Hacking?


The need for Ethical Hacking is growing day by day, because of end number of reasons, some of them are:

  • It is common practice to test security systems via ethical hacking.

A test security system’s execution, management, and planning phase all involve ethical hacking.

It identifies security weaknesses and fixes them.

  • The future of ethical hacking is limitless.

This industry is rapidly increasing across a wide range of sectors, such as the government, business operations, medical, leisure, and finance.

  • By averting cyber warfare and terrorist attacks, ethical hacking can guarantee the security of the country.

Hackers are able to detect possible entryways and close them before any attacks by adopting the mindset of an opponent.

Prerequisites: Ethical Hacking


This field demands for a prior knowledge in:

  • Programming Language:

This is a crucial ability because it will enable you to comprehend and approach any software. You’ll even learn more about the tools that hackers need to create in order to breach a security system thanks to it. Languages like Python, C++, Ruby are popular amongst hackers.

  • Gist of Linux:

One of the key reasons why it’s crucial for you to have prior understanding of Linux is that it offers greater security than other operating systems.

  • Earn certificates:

To work as an ethical hacker, you can obtain a number of qualifications. Although they aren’t always necessary, these credentials can make your sure to stand out to security personnel.

  • Critical Analysis and Problem Solving:

The ability to think critically and solve problems in order to succeed as an ethical hacker.

In the modern world, we are constantly receiving information.

Unauthorized hackers are constantly looking for new approaches to obtain this data.

Roadmap to become an Ethical Hacker


The following is not the only way of becoming a hacker, but these steps will help you get one step closer to your profession of Ethical Hacking!!

  • Hold a Degree:

The majority of ethical hackers possess degrees in computer science. Ethical hacking is a more sophisticated professional path because the bulk of hackers have substantial network security experience.

  • Knowledge of Skills mentioned Above:

For ethical hackers, understanding networking principles and the way they are made is essential. Oppressing security flaws requires knowledge of various networks and standards.

  • Idea about Encryption:

Data security uses encryption for a number of purposes, including identification, data security, secrecy, and others. On a subnet, sensitive data is always encoded, including passwords.

  • Acquire expertise

Once you have a good understanding of computer science, you can begin working in network and IT support. This can assist you in familiarizing yourself with security systems, including how to upgrade, setup, and check them for bugs or malfunctions.

How much money can an ethical hacker make?

An ethical hacker’s typical salary is much more than that of certain other experts in the same area due to the strong demand for ethical hackers among firms and the dearth of competent and qualified ethical hackers who can carry out the assigned task with high skill. An entry-level CEH pay can range from $50,000 to $90,000 annually, which is regarded to be rather significant for a beginner. In terms of compensation, one of the largest employment possibilities is ethical hacking.

Future of Ethical Hacking


The industries that are now growing the quickest include networking and internet security. The experts are looking for precise employment information in the subject of networking and internet security. The safety solution works with the various sizes of organizations in use nowadays.

This job path has the advantage of being creative, requiring you to utilize your imagination and problem-solving abilities to research numerous techniques and flaws that hackers can use to access the system. You must find all of these gaps while putting yourself in the hacker’s shoes.

However, cybercriminals won’t ever stop. Whether it’s modernizing tried-and-true tactics to fend off time-honored threats or creating fresh ways to stop crooks, businesses will always need protection to stay competitive and uphold customer trust.

The future of ethical hacking is endless. This industry is quickly increasing in a wide range of sectors, including finance, politics, Technology, health, and other industries.

One of the most important elements influencing work choices, along with trends, is job security. The demand for cybersecurity professionals will always be high. Ethical hackers are required in any economic situation around the clock, seven days a week, just like doctors.