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6 Things an Excavator Contractor Can Do for You

Realizing your own limitations is not always fun nor is it something we want to admit to ourselves. Nobody enjoys having to ask for help regardless of how little it may be. It is in the nature of human beings to attempt even the most daring and difficult of endeavors before realizing that it is not for them or that they do not know how to do it. It can be the lack of proper tools to perform the activity, or perhaps it is the question of education and skill that comes with experience and spending years or even decades in the industry. This is all however rather normal and it has been the case for the majority of modern society. It is also why people specialize in certain areas, because they are good at it and because others need their services.

The higher the specialization and the more difficult to get into it, the rarer the skill is. And therefore, the more sought-after it becomes. When an average homeowner needs certain things done around the home or the property they call contractors to do it for them. Unless it is an easy fix or a DIY project, best believe that you will be making that phone call with a true professional. It makes sense because it is safer, the job will be done in its entirety, and you will be satisfied with how things turned out. As mentioned, the more complicated the tools and skills, the harder it is for you to do it alone. And when there is a need for a whole construction vehicle to come to your property to do the job, you stand no chance.

For the purposes of this article we examine excavator contractors and what they can do for you. Obviously, they will come to operate an excavator for you and perform a job, but what can that job be? While you may think you know what these huge machines are capable of, chances are you have no idea how versatile they can really be. Even the smallest of excavators can perform so many functions, provided the contractor can operate it well, let alone the heavy duty ones you see at large construction sites. Read on to learn about things that an excavator can do for you. In addition, visit this website to hire an excavator contractor for all of your needs.


1. Lift Heavy Stuff


First and foremost, thanks to the sheer size and lifting capabilities of excavators, one of their primary functions is to lift heavy stuff with their scoops and buckets. Heavy building materials cannot be moved around the site effectively or quickly enough otherwise. If you are renovating your home or your lawn, or building something on your property, this construction vehicle will help you because the contractor can lift all sorts of stuff with the front end shovel/loader. Loading trucks with all sorts of goods is usually done with excavators because it is the most optimal way to do so. Both the front and the back end attachments can be used for this, depending on the truck and the trailer it has.

2. Digging

While lifting things inside of its many attachments is convenient and optimal, excavators are actually used most often for digging. Projects like digging pools and similarly heavy-duty tasks where a lot of dirt needs to be removed and/or transported, an excavator is your only solution. Doing it manually with shovels would take ages and those doing it will have a workout of a lifetime after it. Oftentimes it is not even possible to dig up so much without machinery. Whenever and wherever there is a trench do be dug out or any kind of hole, an excavator contractor should be the one doing it. Laying pipelines in the trenches that were previously dug out is a common way of tackling sewage and waterline jobs.

3. Towing and Pulling


It may seem weird to think of excavators are either towing or pulling something, but they are actually amazing at it. The strength and raw power that comes with them allows them to pull out other vehicles and just about anything that can be properly attached with hooks and chains. It can be done by driving in the opposite direction to pull something out or drive normally to tow something behind, just like with any other vehicle. However, it can also be done with the back arm by turning it and maneuvering it accordingly.

4. Breaking and Flattening

Since it is big and heavy and it moves on tracks, just driving it around and over stuff can give you all sorts of different uses. Breaking rocks and timber can be done with attachments, but going over them can also yield good results. Arms, shovels, and buckets can also be utilized for precise breaking of materials as well as flattening of surfaces. As long as the operator can do it safely and without damaging other things in the surroundings, things like these that make use of the strength and weight of the machine are quite resourceful.

5. Cutting

Digging is not always possible immediately because sometimes there is concrete to break first, or rather cut with precise machinery. Thanks to many attachments excavators can make use of as well as the skills of its operators, it is possible to cut concrete where needed and remove entire slabs and large pieces. Combining different functions like this, from cutting the concrete and lifting it to digging the dirt underneath and removing the debris, is enough evidence to prove the vast versatility of this construction vehicle.

6. Landscaping


Last but not least, excavators can even help with landscaping projects on your property since they can rip out trees and stubs. Dealing with timber is not easy because it takes a lot of muscle and work to cut it down and especially remove it. With an excavator it becomes easier as you can finally remove the stubs that you have on your lawn and flatten everything out before you do the handier work yourself.