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How Can A Foreigner Marry In The UK – 2022 Guide

The UK is one of the most popular countries in the world when it comes to economic migration. People from all parts of the world are applying to come to work and live in this place. Due to such high popularity, it is not a surprise that the UK has some strict rules when it comes to visitors, depending on which country they are planning to come to.

For example, if the country of origin is a member of the Commonwealth, you won’t need any additional documents except the passport. On the other side, there are many places where a visa is required for visiting the UK.

Moreover, there are different types of approvals that you can request when you want to visit this country. The main difference is whether you want to go there as a tourist and stay for a limited time, or you want to move there and become a full citizen.

In case your partner is from the UK and you are planning to get married there, it si crucial to learn more about all the details related to the process of getting the approval. Be sure to pay attention to all requirements since making a small mistake can lead to issues that will cause denial or delay, and that will affect your special day.

Since this place is so popular, a lot of people from other countries are looking to rent some space there and have their dream wedding in some castle or other beautiful place. The rules for this option are different since you will need a marriage visa.

That will allow limited stay in the country. On the other hand, acquiring a fiancé visa can be more difficult in some cases since that is one step from getting citizenship. You can read more about these options at

How To Get Visa as a Marriage Visitor?


What makes this option easier when compared to others is the fact that people have no intention of staying to live in the UK, but only to organize this event there. First of all, it is very important to notify the authorities that the main reason why you want to travel there is to set this event.

You will need special permission for that as well since using regular approval and getting married might lead to legal issues. The key is to prove that you are not using this option to stay in the UK for a longer time than is allowed by your visa. In most cases, the special paper that you will receive as a marriage traveler will allow you to stay there for around six months.

In Case a Partner is a Citizen


The most important thing, in this case, is to prove that you are not attempting fraud. There were cases where people from developing countries were trying to pay UK citizens to get married only for papers, and then get divorced after they complete the whole procedure and become full citizens as well. There is a special process that you will have to apply for in case your partner is from the UK and you are planning to get married there.

You will get permission to stay there for half of the year, and there is also an option to make this time longer in case the wedding has to be postponed. Moreover, this is the first step, and the second one is where you will receive permission to stay there for an even longer time. That is one step away from getting full citizenship.

Also, there is no need to prove why you are planning to move there. The key is to show how you are planning to work, live, pay taxes, and more. Therefore, finding a company that will hire you would be a great option that will make this process much easier since the financial situation represents a very important element. Besides that, the amount of money your partner is earning is important as well, and the minimum is around $20k per year. Also, you should have at least $65k on your account as proof of financial stability.

The biggest downside is that this process is more complicated since it requires dealing with two applications at the same time. The first one is related to the approval to visit the country and get married, while another one is required to get a permit to stay and live there. Since it can be so complicated, we suggest you start dealing with it on time and make it a part of the planning process of your wedding.


The paper is a must for people who are not from the UK or Ireland, and for those who don’t have a permanent residence there. Keep in mind that rules are changing for EU states as well since the UK is not a member anymore. Still, the process will remain much easier for these countries when compared to developing ones.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are different situations that will require different procedures. In case both partners don’t have a permanent residence in the UK, the only option that you can get is the traveling approval for marriage, and you won’t get any additional rights. However, if you are planning to move to the UK, a much better solution would be to find a job and secure financial stability, which will allow you to stay and get married as UK citizens.

The process where one of the partners is from the UK might be more complicated when it comes to documents since you will have to apply for various processes at once, and the chances to get denied are much lower.

In the end, learning more about the procedure and all details is the best way to avoid any potential issues. If you don’t know so much about it, you can contact the British embassy or other instance that represents a connection with the UK.