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Get Inspired With Ideas For Custom Morale Patches

Custom Morale Patches have a rich history in the military, where they serve as symbols of pride and honor. However, their use has now extended beyond those boundaries.

U.S. citizens and other federal entities have now embraced this custom to promote greater representation in the country.

Not only is the range of purposes more expansive now, patches can even feature medical data such as allergies, blood type, and past health issues. Not to mention inspirational quotes; endearing or jocular symbols; etc. With so many options available for customization, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

If you need ideas for creating the ultimate custom morale patches, then look no further. In this guide we will provide essential tips and considerations to help design your ideal patch.


Simplicity Is Key


The appearance of custom patches with fewer elements will appear sleeker and more striking. Too many details can be disorientating, leaving people uncertain what they are looking at; a straightforward design guarantees clear communication and makes the embroidering process smoother. For logos that contain intricate components, vivipins is here to assist.They offer excellent services in creating designs that represent your brand effectively.

Go Large

When you desire a custom patch design with plenty of details, a larger size is sure to be optimal. Bigger patches provide more space for the elements included in your desired design, and selecting larger sizes are perfect for logos that require extra detail. Although going large may be ideal when it comes to casual use, take into account how the patch will actually be used before deciding on its size – military uniforms typically offer limited room for patches and therefore generally mandate smaller ones.

Emphasize Major Elements


When designing your patch, the most crucial element is to make a bold statement. Whether it be with text or symbols, use embroidery to give them greater emphasis and clarity so that they can easily stand out from other elements. The last thing you want is for small words or phrases to look unrecognizable; thus increase their visibility by making them more prominent on the design.

Choose the Right Color

When creating your patch design, the color selection is paramount – it will be the first thing noticed when you don your patches.

Make your patch pop by integrating contrasting colors. Doing so will help both the design and message of your patch stand out, ensuring that it is perceived and understood clearly.

Utilize your creativity and select the contrast level that works best for your design. Avoid going overboard with it as this will make everything look a bit too much. At the same time, take into account complementary colors to craft an eye-catching patch; consider how the border color complements the background hue – experiment, evaluate, and ask others which combinations work better.

Explore Custom Morale Patches Now


From its symbolism to design, custom morale patches have the potential of being a powerful tool. Following our tips should make this process straightforward and effortless. We hope you’ve gained useful ideas that will help you craft your ideal patch.

If you’d like more information about custom morale patches or other topics such as lifestyle, technology, business and beyond? Be sure to check out our blog for helpful guides and advice.