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9 Fresh Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception Look Elegant

Discovering new and interesting wedding concepts has never been easier or more fun than it is right now due to all the overwhelming options that you can find online. Do you know what you’re going for?

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue, wedding party ideas can help you and your guests have a great time.

With the help of decorations, games for guests, and surprises, your wedding reception may be a memorable celebration for everyone.

Incorporating personal touches that showcase the newlyweds’ unique personalities during the reception is an excellent way to incorporate close family and friends into the celebration. Keep on reading to find some perfect ideas down below.

How should you decorate your reception?

To begin with, it all starts with your personal touch & style. A wedding’s overall design is made up of a wide range of components and decorations.

The centerpieces, tablecloths, and place settings that make up your tablescape will all be rented items.

There’s no need to stop there because there are so many choices.

A great photo booth moment, an epic escort card display, a distinctive sweetheart table design, and more can all be used as wedding d├ęcor ideas. Talk the process through with your other half to get the best results.

9 Fresh Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception Look Elegant

1. Ghost chairs are something new to go for


How about you go for a clear see-through vibe with ghost chairs? These have been around for ages, yet so many couples avoid them. Why is that? Did you know that they are so versatile + they can easily adapt to pretty much any other color pattern that you think of? Acrylic chairs allow the surrounding environment to shine because they are practically transparent. If you are aiming for that cohesive, calming & minimalistic vibe at your reception, these chairs are it!

2. Catchy foods & cool flavors


By incorporating a pop-up supper vibe into a food and beverage experience for a contemporary, discerning foodie gathering, who can resist it?! During cocktail hour, think of serving nibbles and drinks that are well complemented with one other, as well as wine pairings that highlight the flavors of the season or region.

Assemble a fuss-free plate of high-quality snacks and let the guests enjoy their time from start to finish with a full stomach.

3. Boho chandeliers


Proper lighting is vital for events held in the evening or on a patio, especially since you will be taking a lot of pictures.

If you want to create a stunning design that everyone will love, think about using a combination of delicate string lights and large hanging bulbs.

Incorporating bohemian chandeliers and flowers into the wedding decor will make it very romantic as well.

4. You have to have confetti


Almost every party can appreciate a bit of confetti, doesn’t matter if it is your birthday, gender reveal, or in this case, your wedding. Distribute confetti-filled containers to the newlyweds as they prepare to leave the party. Choose colors that complement those of the bridal party or the overall color scheme of the event.

This is a wonderful way to send off the newlyweds on their honeymoon!

5. Herbs & flowers


Instead of flowers on your wedding reception table, consider using herb plants in terracotta pots. Not only that this is a money-saving solution, but it is also a unique way of expressing your style.

Also, did you know that some greenery & herbs can smell so strong & overwhelming, often better than flowers?!

A daylight gathering with lots of windows and wooden tables works best with this approach. Just make sure that your herbs or flowers have enough sunlight during the venue.

6. Gold & pink tones for that soft romantic vibe


If your tablescape includes gold accents, your place settings won’t need to be over-the-top to seem luxurious. The truth is that you can make a bold yet luxurious statement with these two shades.

Add subtle color elements to your table settings and floral arrangements. Going for golden silverware and pink plates will leave every guest breathless + it will picture so well.

7. Special guests at the reception


Depending on the location of your reception, you may be able to arrange for baby animals to make a special appearance.

A wedding on a farm with baby goats in attendance would be particularly lovely + it would be a special type of reception.

Find a home for some puppies and kittens at your local animal shelter as an additional way to help out. You can also incorporate your own pet to be there.

8. Seating & thank you chart


With this seating chart concept, your guests will be greeted in style.

Table numbers and visitor names can be printed on thin plexiglass cards using white ink. This looks so sweet & romantic, it is a perfect way instead of hiring a hostess.

Decorate your board with beautiful greens for a simple, clean look.

You can also go for a giant ”thank you” sign/chart where your guests can show their appreciation and take pictures.

9. Candles & cool centerpieces


For couples that adore romanticism but want a more contemporary look, a table setting covered with a ton of candles is ideal.

Colorful flower arrangements and tablecloths in blush and white will look lovely with personalized candles in pink. Go for a special, unique & sweet scent that will keep you feeling happy + it will be something to remember for the rest of your life!

Where to get the best decorations for your wedding?

If you wish to take matters into your own hands make sure to click here! You will find a ton of gorgeous & unique candle holders, and statues, along with centerpiece stands that can make your venue look unique & romantic. You will enjoy a ton of items, along with frequent sales. In the end, your reception will be mesmerizing & magical!