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How Paint by Numbers Can Make You More Productive and Creative

Knowing the characteristics of children’s development is important for proper influence on development. Movement, research, and play are fundamental parts of a child’s life which introduce him to life, and thereby prepare him for new situations in everyday life. We cannot look at a child’s motor development in isolation, but we must look at a child’s development through harmonious physical, motor, emotional and cognitive development.

Every parent wants to give their child a happy and carefree childhood, with lots of play, joy, and laughter. In today’s modern times, children spend their time sitting at computers and playing games from a young age, which sometimes, in addition to spoiling their vision, also develops a large number of behavioral disorders. For this reason, coloring books for children are an ideal gift that no parent will go wrong with. Coloring books are not only for children, there are also more complex ones intended for adults. More and more often, we can see young people sitting on the bench enjoying coloring.

Fine motor skills are a series of coordinated movements of the bones, joints and muscles of the hand (especially the fingers) to perform small, precise movements. It is closely related to eye-hand coordination (the ability of the hand and fingers to correctly perform the task that we saw with the eye). Fine motor skills are necessary to perform countless everyday tasks that we adults perform with ease, and which children from birth to preschool age must practice through fun activities that they will accept as play.


One of the best ways to develop fine motor skills is coloring. If we add paint by numbers to that, we will get extraordinary entertainment that will encourage creativity, motor skills, and productivity of the child. Let’s return briefly to fine motor skills and their importance for performing countless everyday tasks that we adults perform with ease, and which children from birth to preschool age must practice through fun activities that they will accept as play (holding cutlery, tying shoes, buttoning/unbuttoning, combing hair, and so on).

Recently, a new trend has appeared on the Internet and everyone is absolutely crazy about it: coloring books with numbers. Let’s put aside all the online coloring books and coloring apps for a moment, and focus exclusively on the benefits of coloring books with numbers, especially their positive influence on the youngest. By coloring, the child will quickly understand how the colors look next to each other, what is light blue and what is dark blue. Recently, we will hear that paint by numbers or classic coloring books are not the best choice for children because they limit children’s creativity. However, we would disagree with that. On the contrary, coloring books will encourage creativity, especially in those children who do not have any talent for drawing. Connecting the numbers will show them that they can very easily draw whatever they want in an interesting and simple way. Paint by number is a fun way to learn colors and numbers at the same time. You can click here to learn more about it. Creativity is a very important skill that needs to be encouraged from childhood. Some children are more creative and some are not. Regardless of that, there should always be time and space for creativity to come to the fore. Coloring is precisely one of the activities that encourages creativity and develops the creative spirit in children. It also frees the imagination and encourages children to think of new ideas.


The fine hand movements required to paint small surfaces require just enough concentration to distract us from everyday problems, but at the same time, it is very relaxing. For people who are not inclined to meditate (because it is extremely difficult to sit still and not think), this is a pleasant method of practicing a meditative state. Knitting, crocheting, tapestries, and other handicrafts that our mothers and grandmothers practiced in the long winter evenings before we had Netflix, Facebook, and Candy Crush have a similar effect.

Coloring helps to relieve stress, so the themes of the drawings are in line with that: there are motifs from nature traditionally associated with relaxation, but also magical mandalas – circles that symbolize the universe and are used for meditation by many cultures. Also, psychologists have conducted many studies that prove that colors help us rest our eyes and that certain shades can help us sleep and dream better. There is also the fact that after a whole day spent in front of the computer and phone, our eyes will thank us and rest by looking at different shades of colors.

The game is also one of the most important ways of stimulating the child’s development. There are many programs to encourage motor development, and parents increasingly include their children in one of them. What influences this is the increased level of knowledge about child development and the parents’ desire to provide them with the best possible development. Coloring is a very simple activity, and it can really help a child develop cognitive and psychological skills, as well as creativity itself.


Why are coloring books with numbers still good? Some children are quite upset when they have to color by number and cannot choose colors and shapes by themselves. This can be an excellent exercise for them to learn self-control and acceptance of other people’s opinions. On the other hand, there are also those children who lack creativity and ideas for coloring and become nervous the moment they don’t know how to finish a work. That’s why coloring books with numbers come in handy: you’ve already been told what to do, just relax and enjoy coloring.

Furthermore, coloring books by numbers can also be used for practicing mathematics, more specifically for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. How? Well, instead of the five being in some form and telling the children in the legend that all fives are purple, they can be given a mathematical problem and that the shapes say 3+2 or 8–3, for example, and that the legend also says that all fives are colored purple. In this case, the children should stop and think in order to calculate which color goes in which field. In this way, we can very easily “trick” them into practicing and solving math problems while playing. Do we still need to convince you of the power of paint by numbers?