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The Best Power Probe Master Kit of 2023 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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Rank No. #1
POWER PROBE IV Master Combo Kit - Red (PPKIT04) Includes Power Probe IV with PPECT3000 and Accesso
  • Power up components
  • Dvom functions
  • Fuel injector testing
  • Select open circuit tester
  • Driver tester
SaleRank No. #2
Power Probe PPKIT03S 3S Master Kit with Ect3000
  • Power up components
  • Signal distance bar indicates distance height from short to ground or open circuits
  • LED light on receiver illuminates the work space area
Rank No. #3
Power Probe BAKIT01 Master Brake Bleeder Kit
  • 12 adapters
  • Fits many makes and models
  • 90 degree male hose coupling
  • Aluminum & Cast Iron Bodies
  • Color Coded
Rank No. #4
Power Probe IV Master Combo Kit, Red (PPKIT04) Includes 4 with PPECT3000 and Accessories, with a Lumintrail Drawstring Bag
  • MASTER KIT: The Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit combines the Power Probe 4, PPECT3000 and various accessories to provide the ultimate combination of diagnostic and circuit-testing capabilities.
  • TEST A VARIETY OF CAR PARTS: The Power Probe 4 provides simplified testing of Motors, Lights, Relays, and Sensors, and even Fuel Injectors.
  • PROVIDES 12-24V POWER TO CAR COMPONENTS: Like all Power Probe circuit-testers, it supplies 12-24V Power and Ground for functional component testing on or off the vehicle
  • CIRCUIT TESTER: PPECT3000 will help you trace short and open circuits quickly and accurately
  • CONVENIENT CARRYING CASE: The Power Probe 4 comes in a convenient carrying case that fits all included accessories for easy portability.
Rank No. #5
Power Circuit Probe Tester 6-30V Circuit Tester Automotive Test Light Electrical Tester Kit with 1.5M Lead Car Fuse Relay Tester Master Kit Voltmeter Resistance Diode Test Electric Tester Tracer Tool
  • 1.【Easy-to-use and Multifunctional Circuit Tester】The main functions of this electrical tester: voltage and polarity testing, continuity testing, signal circuit testing, activating components in your hand, activating components in the vehicle, activating components w/ground, checking for poor ground contacts, following and locating short circuits. This power circuit probe tester is ideal for diagnosing all 6V to 30V vehicle electrical systems.
  • 2.【Electrical Tester with 4 Working Modes】DC Voltage: The power circuit probe tester will read DC voltage with 0.1 volt resolution. AC Voltage: The LCD display of the circuit tester will read the maximum and minimum voltage, frequency and duty cycle. Resistance: The tester will read the resistance between the tip and the auxiliary ground lead. Diode Mode: quickly test the operation of the diode assembly and determine if it is conducting.
  • 3.【Self-test & Circuit Breaker Protection & 7 Languages】Before using the automotive circuit tester, the quick self-check function of the tester can ensure that the tester is in good condition. The tool is short circuit protected and its internal circuit breaker will trip if overloaded. The circuit breaker is a valuable test tool as well as a safety measure to protect the tool from Overload. The automotive tool supports 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese.
  • 4.【1.5m Test Lead & TFT Color Display & LED Light】The power circuit probe tester features a high-definition TFT color display with high resolution, allowing you to view data clearly and comfortably. The circuit breaker finder has two LED lights to work easily even in dark or low light conditions. Conduct positive or negative battery current to the probe tip by pressing the power switch of the tester to test the functionality of electrical components without the use of jumper wires.
  • 5.【Portable and Quick Test Circuit Tester】With this car circuit tester tool, you can determine at a glance whether a circuit is positive, negative, or open without having to reconnect the clips from one battery pole to another; Test for continuity with its built-in auxiliary ground lead; Test for poor ground contacts instantly without performing voltage drop tests; Follow and locate short circuits without wasting fuses.
Rank No. #6
Power Probe Professional Electrical Test Kit - Red (PPROKIT01) Inc III w/PPDMM
  • Supplies Power and Ground for Functional Component Testing
  • CAT-IV 600V Hybrid Safe AC/DC Voltmeter
  • Measures Resistance to 60M Ohms
  • Measures Current from .001Amps to 10 Amps
Rank No. #7
Power Probe PP3LS01 Red Circuit_Testers
  • Power Probe III and accessories
  • 4mm leads and connectors
  • Continuity tester
  • Relay and component tester
  • Works on 12-24v Sources
Rank No. #8
Power Probe III Circuit Test Kit - PP319 in Red - Voltmeter and Accessories for Electrical System Diagnostics
  • Power Probe III Circuit Test Kit supplies power and ground for functional component testing; Tests for bad grounds and short circuits
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Features: Digital Voltmeter, Minimum/Maximum Voltage Capturing, Audible Circuit Monitoring, 4mm Standard Banana Jack, and Auxiliary Ground for component testing
  • Available voltmeter colors: Red, Flames pattern, or Carbon Fiber pattern
  • Package Includes: 1 x Blow Molded Case, 1 x Power Probe III handheld tool (with 20 foot cord), 1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 1 x 3-inch Extension Probe, 1 x Battery Hookup Clips, 1 x Instruction Manual
Rank No. #9
Power Probe TEK Maestro (PPTM01AS)
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
  • International Renown For Our Diverse Range Of Award-Winning Products
  • Fully Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • Power Probe The Maestro is a digital circuit tester that incoporates multimeter funcions to meet the daily needs of every automotive technician
SaleRank No. #10
HORUSDY 22PCS Back Probe Kit, Back Probe Pin Kit
  • 22PCS Back Probe Kit is for harness connectors, automotive sensors and fuel injectors.
  • Back Probe is made of Stainless Steel ,15pcs with 3 kind (Straight, 90 degree, 135 degree) and five color.
  • 5PCS banana plug(standard 4mm) with copper alligator clips wires, 5 colors to identify.
  • 2 PCS Nickel plated copper Alligator clips.
  • Back Probe can test up to 30 volts. easier use on automotive connectors.
Rank No. #11
TopDiag P100pro 9-30v car Circuit Tester Automotive 12v 24v Power Circuit Probe Kit Multimeter Digital Oscilloscope Test Tool Activate Vehicle Component Diode Tester Voltage Detector for Motorcycle
  • 👍The P100 Pro probe is a handheld electrical testing tool used to diagnose and troubleshoot automotive electrical circuits. It can be used to test for voltage, resistance, and continuity, and can help identify problems such as bad grounds, short circuits, and open circuits.
  • 👍【Multimeter】A multimeter is a versatile and essential electronic measuring tool used to measure various electrical parameters in a circuit. The name "multimeter" comes from its ability to measure multiple electrical properties, including voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode test and continuity.
  • 👍【Activating a Component】Typically refers to the process of turning on or engaging a particular part of the car's system, such as an engine, a fuel pump, or an electrical component. This is often done during diagnostic procedures or repairs to test whether a component is functioning properly. For example, a mechanic might activate the fuel pump to see if it is delivering fuel to the engine, or activate the air conditioning system to check for proper operation.
  • 👍【Oscilloscope】An oscilloscope in a car is a diagnostic tool used by automotive technicians to analyze the electrical signals produced by various components in a vehicle. It works by displaying the electrical waveforms of signals, such as those produced by sensors, actuators, and control modules, on a screen for analysis. By interpreting the waveforms displayed on the screen, technicians can diagnose a wide range of electrical problems, such as voltage drops, intermittent connections.
  • 👍【Network Online Upgrade】P100pro automotive circuit tester supports online upgrade. By in setting interface, Select“Firmware Upgrade” to enter into Update mode or press “LEFT” and “OK” button at the same time to enter into Update mode. Connect PC with a USB cable to Probe, Open update tool on a computer to update.
Rank No. #12
Power Circuit Probe Kit 9-30V Voltage Tester Oscilloscope Circuit Tester Component Activation&Injector Electrical Tester with Headlight, 20FT Test Lead, TFT Color Display, Buzzer, Overload Protection
  • 【Intelligent Power Circuit Probe Tester】Our power tester is the new generation intelligent electrical system circuit tester, covering the comprehensive parameters of the multimeter. It is suitable for diagnostic in all 9V to 30V DC vehicle electrical systems. With this probe tester, you can perform relay test, fuel injector test, oscilloscope test, polarity test, continuity test, grounding test, trailer lights and connection test, activate electronic components,track & locate short circuits.
  • 【Multimeter Mode&Smart Test Mode Electrical Tester】In these two modes, power circuit probe kit can quickly test and automatically identified the voltage, resistance, current, frequency, continuity, voltage and polarity of diode, Positive and Negative poles of the tested component ("+" red light is positive, "-" green light is negative), which brings the user a lot of conveniences.
  • 【Oscilloscope Mode&Relay Test Power Circuit Probe】Oscilloscope Mode: The circuit tester is able to display the parameter curve diagram of the tested component, such as voltage, frequency, time, etc. You can observe the test results more directly by adjusting the display interval. The electrical tester also can test the common automotive relay, like 5-terminal relays, and 4-terminal relays.
  • 【Electronic Component Activation&Injector Test Electrical Tester】Our power tester has 4 activation modes that can generate activation signals for components, such as lights, motors, and other on-board electronic devices. The electric testers also can help diagnose the injector conditions. The power circuit probe tester outputs different pulse signals to the injector, and check the injector spraying status. It can work with any fuel pressure tester.
  • 【2.4 inch TFT Color Display&Buzzer and Screen Prompt&Built-in Headlight Probe Tester】The circuit tester will help you clear problems at a glance through the screen prompt and the buzzer tone. The 2.4-inch LCD screen of the circuit tester adopts (320 * 240 DPI) TFT color display, which has high contrast and good definition, help you easily navigate user menu and reading test data clearly. And the built-in flashlight on the head is bright enough to help you to work easily in dark conditions.
Rank No. #13
(Upgrade of KM10) KZYEE KM50 Power Circuit Probe Kit - 12V/24V Automotive Circuit Tester with AC/DC Voltage/Resistance/Diode/Frequency/Duty Cycle/Fuel Injection Circuit Detection, Activate Component
  • [More Accurate Probe Tester] - The KZYEE KM50 Power Circuit Probe Kit is an improved version of the KM10 (DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance and diode). It also has the latest improved functions for testing signal frequency, duty cycle and fuel injection. With such a versatile tool, the technician can trace and identify the problem circuit and rule out good circuits, speeding up the diagnostic process and revealing the true cause of the electrical problem much easier.
  • [3 Advanced Testing Modes] - If the vehicle has difficulty starting, acceleration, fuel consumption, etc., it’s necessary to check the fuel injection system. KM50 Fuel Inject Test is specially designed for quick and easy diagnosis of fuel injection circuit. It can be quickly connected to the circuit and displays all the information needed. The addition of Frequency and Duty Cycle modes, gives KM50 the most value than others.
  • [Additional Piercing Probe] - The probes are fully insulated which provide added protection. If you don’t want to disconnect cables to find the connectivity and electricity, use piercing probe kit, you can test the signal in a simple way without damaging the cable.
  • [Activate Components] - With the ability to power components such as radiator fans, starters, relays, power windows, windshield wipers, and so on. It can activate electrical components and test their functions without jumper cables - by pressing the toggle switch to send a positive or negative battery current to the tip and turn on the electrical components.
  • [Wave Form and Digital Display] - It works with a 12-24V DC power source. Switching from one test mode to another is effortless. It also speeds up circuit troubleshooting and diagnosis by switching the waveform display from digital to AC voltage, frequency, duty cycle and fuel injection tests by pressing the mode button for 3 seconds.
SaleRank No. #15
CMTOOL Multimeter Test Leads Kit 92 Pieces Electrical Multimeter Leads Kit with Case Relay Tester Automotive Back Probe Kit Power Circuit Multimeter Probes Set Wire Meter Leads with Alligator Clips
  • 【92 Pieces Professional Test Lead Set】The test lead kit is used for diagnosing, testing and repairing complex vehicle circuits. It can also troubleshoot sensors, actuators and electronic circuits. Professional test lead kits are suitable for 12v and 24v cars, RVs, trucks, ships, etc., and can also be used in laboratories, homes and industries.
  • 【Test Lead Kit for Any Multimeter & Various Vehicles】The universal line checking tool can be used with any multimeter and oscilloscope probe extension cord to make testing and inspection more convenient. The circuit test lead kit is a must-have for modern auto mechanics and is suitable for a wide variety of vehicles from all markets including Europe, America and Japan.
  • 【Multi-Function Circuit Test Lead Kit】LED stroboscopes are used to test voltage and ground signals, such as Hall sensors, fuel injectors, solenoid valves, etc. The SRS connector is used for the electrical simulation of belt tensioner generators. 5KQ potentiometer (variable resistor) is used for components such as engine cooling systems, oil sensors and temperature testers.
  • 【Time-saving and Efficient Test Lead Kit】The circuit test lead kit is designed to provide a wide range of test coverage to accurately and quickly detect vehicle problems. When you need to check parts, you can directly connect to the back of the terminal to avoid damage to the circuit. If you need to check the current, you don't need to cut the wires, just connect the line to the circuit.
  • 【92 Pieces Test Lead Kit with Carrying Case】The multimeter test lead kit comes with a portable black storage case, which makes it easy to sort and organize all your test leads and accessories so they don't get lost. Packing List: Black carrying case、testing leads x72 (36 male and 36 female terminals)、LED stroboscope x2、standard probes x2、acicular probes x4、SRS connector x2、potentiometer (5KOhm) x2、1-to-1 connector x4、1-to-2 connector x2、alligator clips x2.
Rank No. #16
Autel PowerScan Automotive Circuit Tester, Power Circuit Probe Kit, Digital Multimeter/Relay & Diode Resistance Tool, for Frequency/Duty Cycle/Voltage Test, Activating Component, w/ 20ft Cable
  • 🥇【2023 ALL-IN-ONE POWER CIRCUIT TESTER KIT---ACCURATELY】Autel PowerScan Circuit Tester is most accurate power circuit probe tester yet, with 160x128 TFT display test all 6-30 volt vehicle electrical systems. It supports voltage&polarity test, continuity test, signal circuit test, components activate, check bad grounding, locate short circuits, circuit breaker protection, etc. Intuitive interface with ergonomic design makes it be best gift for all novice drivers or pro circuit repairers.
  • 🥇【FOUR WORKING MODE---INTUITIVE&EASY】Four working modes make circuit detection more simple:DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resistance, Tone On/ Off. DC Voltage mode can read DC voltage with 0.1V resolution; AC Voltage can read Max & Min voltage, frequency and duty cycle quickly; Resistance mode can read resistance between tip and auxiliary ground wire. Unique Tone On/Off Design is really useful when working in bright areas, it can judge the circuit voltage according to the volume of the sound.
  • 🥇【COMPONENT ACTIVATION】The component activation feature is specially designed to troubleshoot on/off-board electrical equipment. By activating the signal generated by the component, you can accurately judged whether the component is intact, such as blower motor, power window motor, windshield wiper, rear window defroster, lights, radiator fans, fuel injectors, etc. Autel circuit tester automotive tool can activate component in your hand/ in the vehicle/ with ground etc.
  • 🥇【INSTANT IDENTIFY POLARITY】Autel Automotive Circuit Tester instantly checks component continuity and quick identifies positive, negative and open circuits. When the positive terminal is connected, red LED lights up with beep sounds. When the negative terminal is connected, green LED light up with a low tone. If an open circuit, neither of LED light will not light. The indicator light is a considerate working guide to facilitate the smooth operation of detection.
  • 🥇【CONTINUITY TEST, SIGNAL CIRCUIT TEST】Autel Electrical System Tester can test the state of sensors, quickly and accurately judge the connectivity of circuit via transmitted signal, performing continuity test. Two ways to test continuity: ✅1: In resistance mode, if the resistance is 0.0Ω and the LED lights up, it means continuity. ✅2: Power up the connection using the power switch, if the circuit brea-ker tr-ips, that means the resistance is low and there is continuity.
Rank No. #17
Autel PowerScan PS100 Power Circuit Probe Kit - 12V 24V Car Circuit System Diagnostic Tool, Automotive Circuit Tester with 20ft Extension Cable, Easy to Read AC/DC Current Resistance
  • 📢📢【2023 New PowerScan PS100 Automotive Circuit Tester】Autel PowerScan PS100 power circuit probe tester It is a fast&complete diagnostic solution for all 6 to 30 volt vehicle electrical systems. Supports AVOmeter, Short Circuit Detection, Relay/Component Tester, Continuity Tester and Bad Ground Indicator, is truly a powerful yet affordable line inspection product. PS100 Automotive Circuit Tester is a must-have tool for electrical system diagnostic technicians and the best gift for men/husbands.
  • 📢📢【Compnent Activation Function】Autel PS100 Power circuit tester tool will test the positive, negative, and open circuit easliy, also testing for continuity, diagnosing circuit failures, checking good and bad grounds, easy to read AC/DC current activating components on and off the vehicle, sensing MIN /MAX voltage, etc.By generating activation signals for the components, you can judge whether the components are in good condition, such as lights, motors, wipers, radiator fans, relays, etc.
  • 📢📢【Versatile to Perform Multiple Functions】Autel PS100 Circuit Tester is an electrical system tester that can help you troubleshoot electrical system issues, including voltage and polarity testing, continuity testing, signal circuit testing, component activation, trailer light testing, and short circuit location. Technicians can check for fuse failures, component failures, aging or degradation, circuit failures without changing plugs, making diagnostic work efficient.
  • 📢📢【4 Modes Easy-to-Operate Diagnostic】The circuit probe kit’s 4 modes can be accessed by simply depressing the Mode Button. ➊DC voltage: read the DC voltage with a resolution of 0.1 volts. ➋AC voltage: read the Max. voltage, the Min. voltage, frequency, and duty cycle. ➌Resistance: read the resistance between the tip and auxiliary ground lead. ➍Tone On/Off: technicians use the tone in a dark environment to distinguish the test results and turn it off when unnecessary.
  • 📢📢【Durable and Safety】Autel PS100 Circuit Probe Kit has short-circuit protected as well as a safety measure to protect the device from overload.Autel PS100 instantly checks component continuity and identifies positive, negative and open circuits. When the positive terminal is connected, the red LED light is on, accompanied by a beep. When the negative terminal is connected, the green LED lights up, along with low pitched tone. If it is an open circuit, the LED light will not light.
Rank No. #18
Power Probe III Circuit Test Kit - PP319 in Blue - Voltmeter and Accessories for Electrical System Diagnostics
  • Power Probe III Circuit Test Kit supplies power and ground for functional component testing; Tests for bad grounds and short circuits
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Features: Digital Voltmeter, Minimum/Maximum Voltage Capturing, Audible Circuit Monitoring, 4mm Standard Banana Jack, and Auxiliary Ground for component testing
  • Available voltmeter colors: Black, Blue, Red, Flames pattern, or Carbon Fiber pattern
  • Package Includes: 1 x Blow Molded Case, 1 x Power Probe III handheld tool (with 20 foot cord), 1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 1 x 3-inch Extension Probe, 1 x Battery Hookup Clips, 1 x Instruction Manual
Rank No. #19
Power Probe PP401AMZ01 Red IV with Connector Kit
  • Supplies Power and Ground for Functional Component Testing. Great Connect ability with the included Circuit Connector Kit
  • Digital Volt and Ohmmeter for circuit testing
  • Large Color LCD Screen with Easy to Navigate User Menu
  • AC-RMS, AC Peak to Peak, Frequency and Pulse Width for signal testing
  • Fuel Injector tester for easy circuit diagnosis

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