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How to Check if Your Solar Panels Are Working Efficiently

Technology evolves every day. More than a century ago we didn’t even have electric power. We relied on basic fossil fuels and organic matters such as wood to get the power we needed be it for heating or to power steamships. Today, things are much different. It is interesting to think just how much has humanity evolved. Not only that we learned how to harness the powers of nature, we also decided that it was the right time to take good care of our environment.

Yes, the majority of people do not care about global warming but it’s real. Tesla is doing its bidding to get as many electric cars out there as possible to counter the bad effects of diesel and gasoline vehicles. Toyota and other companies are doing the same. We are also slowly moving away from the standard power systems that have been around since our generation. We’re not as reliant on natural gas or electric power as we used to be. No. These days we have learned to harness the energy of the sun. Yes, solar energy is becoming more and more dominant. In parts of the world with a lot of sunshine, it is becoming the number one power source.

No, we are not saying solar energy is something new. After all, the sun has been around for a while, right? Even solar panels are not from yesterday. It is a piece of tech that’s been around for a while. But now, it’s getting more traction than ever. It’s a good thing that matters stand like that. Have you had your solar panels installed? If not, why? You should. It is a great and cost-effective way to get the needed energy for your home or business. Those who own them know what we’re talking about.

In the same manner, they should also know that the work is not done once the solar panel is installed. No, it is not. While they are a great piece of technology they require frequent maintenance. A good company to handle your solar panel installment process can be found if you click here, but you also need to think about the future. The more time passes by, the more attention your solar panels are going to be needing. Do not forget this. One of the most important aspects of solar panels is their efficiency.

When your solar panels come to a certain age this will be more important than ever. Because of this, we are going to give you a helping hand in the domain of solar panel maintenance. While you weren’t sure that you should be asking for it, we have no issues handing it to you. A little help can’t be too bad, right? That’s right. So, keep reading as in this article we are going to tell you how to check if your solar panels are working efficiently. This is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best outcome out of this product. Let’s start.

Don’t Use Electric Bill as a Measurement Tool


This is a common mistake. People tend to look at their electric bills, and how much power they have created and sold to determine if their solar panels are up to the task. This is the wrong approach. An electric bill won’t tell you what you should know. When panels stop working properly, you’ll get the power from the grid, so you might be misled in what you believed you knew. Because of this, you’ll be late in noticing that something is wrong.

Check For Shades and Dirt

If your panels are in shade due to a tree that had a growth spurt, you need to trim the tree down. Also, you need to look out for any sign of dirt, grease, or even bird droppings on your panels. Panels need to be cleaned regularly, especially if you live in areas with little to no rain. If your panels are compromised by any type of dirt their efficiency might be questionable. Think about this.

Inverter Emergency


The inverter is an important part of every solar panel system. The thing is, the owner of this system doesn’t know this. They do not even approach it on a regular basis. You should do this. In most cases, it has three lights on it. Green is a positive one, and it signals everything is OK. The orange and red are signs of trouble. If you notice these two, you need to call for help. The best route to take here is to contact the people who installed the product.

Check The Data

We live in the age of high-end technology. These days you can have the data tied to your solar panel’s system tied to your smartphone. Every solar panel package has an expected production rate. It comes with a product specification. You can have access to this and the data that your solar panel system is generating. Comparing the two will give you a sign that your system is working up to its potential. If the date does not sit well when you compare them, something is probably wrong, and it is another instance where you should contact your supplier.

Read The Owner’s Manual


When you get your solar panels you’ll also receive an owner’s manual. With it, you’ll receive some of the vital data tied to your new product. Some manufacturers give monthly estimates based on their previous experience. So, what you should do is check the monthly estimates you received upfront and compare them to what you get each month out of your product. Yes, this is a long game, but it is not expected to have your solar panels malfunction from the start.

Outside Monitoring

Yes, this can be done. But you need to step out of your comfort zone and bring a third member into your society. You have yourself, the installment company, and their solar panels as two members of the solar family. If you want to have the data sorted out and the product working as it should, hiring a third party to monitor everything on your behalf could be a good idea. Yes, this service costs. But peace of mind doesn’t have a price.