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Tips for Styling Your Wedding Reception Without Making Any Mistakes

Wedding day is for most people a day they dream about for their whole life! This is going to be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life and because of it, you surely want to make it highly special and authentic. Even though the ceremony itself is the most crucial part of the wedding day, the place where guests are going to sit and spend most of the day is also important. Therefore, you surely want to make a fairytale of your reception space.

With so many great choices, you may struggle to decide how you would like your reception to look and how to style it. Because of that, we prepared a guide that will help you. We know that style depends on subjective taste, and you will surely not have the same taste as other couples, the tips that we prepared for you can give you some ideas. Also, it will be your guide on which things you should pay attention to, so your reception can combine with your wedding theme without mistake.


You Should Have a Clear and Cohesive Vision


Before you even start organizing your big day and the overall reception setting, you must create a clear vision in your mind. This vision should represent what exactly you want from your reception and when you decide that, you will clearly know in which direction should you think when it comes to decoration. You have so many great options such as organizing coastal, modern, bohemian, traditional, and diverse wedding day.

However, when you decide on the theme, you will be able to think about elements that can harmoniously flow together. This includes matched color tones, furniture, flowers, centerpiece, lighting, and many other decoration pieces. Once you decide on the overall image of your special wedding day and color palette, you can use this as a foundation for all other styling processes.

Research Your Venue Properly

Once you have decided how you want your wedding day to look and how you want to style your reception, you can start searching for the perfect venue. It would be good to find as many options as possible, so you can be sure that you have decided on the one that best suit your taste and your vision. Additionally, it would be wise to ask for previous wedding pictures that are hosted in different venues. These images are going to give you a clear picture of what worked excellent for the particular venue before, and how your wedding reception can appeal. The space itself will show you how many tables can fit it, the details that can be used for decoration arrangements, etc.

Think About Whether the Room’s Décor Works for Your Taste


After you chose the venue that best suit your taste and you think that the specific style of your wedding can fit into that space and create a great aesthetic reception look, it is time to move on to the other things. Now, you should pay attention to every detail in the venue and see what works for you and what does not, so you can replace it. We are talking about wallpaper, carpet, table and chair design, etc. You have the freedom to style your event in a way that will draw attention away from the things that you do not find appealing.

For instance, if you do not like the carpet or the floor in the room, you can choose oversized arrangements that will grab attention. Additionally, you can decorate high ceilings as well. When it comes to the wallpaper since you can not replace it, you have the option to choose bolder and more authentic colors, and highlight the eye-catching details such as flower decorations that will cover the walls.

It is Important to Ask What the Venue Can Provide

In most cases, venues that are hosting weddings are having their own companies that provide things such as tableware, chair covers, etc. Therefore, you should see their decoration pieces, and see whether they will suit your taste and your vision of the perfect reception decor. Everything should go with the style you have chosen, so if something does not fit your image, you should have the freedom to speak about that and bring your own decoration.

Don’t Forget the Lighting


Whatever the type of wedding you choose, whether it is a day event or a night one, you must bring lighting to the venue. This can enhance your overall wedding decoration and bring it to a new level. In other words, you can make such a romantic and appeal ambient with the proper lighting.

Also, you must find out whether the venue gets natural lights, so you can know which type of decoration lighting you should choose. You can place your lighting on the ceiling, or in some other place. However, you can be sure that it is going to enhance the overall mood of your wedding day and fit a specific theme and color palette that you chose.

Express Your Creativity and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

You must think outside of the box when it comes to the table centerpieces and crucial items that will promote the overall look and style of your reception. You should find perfect, plates, glassware, vases, bottles, candles, flower arrangements, etc. It has never been easier to organize your big event, since all you need is in one place – click here and select the most glamorous wedding decor pieces that will enhance your day to the fullest. Find everything that you need from the comfort of your chair and achieve that stylish and eye-appealing reception look.

Remember Some Stylistic Rules


Finally, we just wanted to tell you a couple of rules when it comes to organizing your reception so you would not make any mistakes. Most people do not know this but when you start arranging items, you should group things in odd numbers such as threes or fives. This will allow the arrangement to be positioned with a central point. Also, choose tall items and place them in the middle, so you can gradually decline the heigh while you are moving from the center.