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How Far Can Stephen Curry Take The Golden State Warriors This Season?

This NBA has been another season of epic wins and losses, big surprises and continual drama, and we haven’t even made it through the playoffs yet. One team that has seen its fair share of ups and downs this time around is the Golden State Warriors.

Performing well in the NBA is in the Golden State Warriors’ DNA and they have a record to show for it. Last season they were third seed in the Western Conference and went on to win their seventh NBA title.

This was their first time in the playoffs and finals since the 2018-2019 season where the Warriors were defeated by the Raptors in a 2 – 4 final.

Now looking to defend their NBA Champion title, it has been quite the ride getting to their current position, you can see the current NBA lines online. Do they have what it takes to succeed on April 9 and will Stephen Curry help to get them where they need to be?

The Golden State Warriors: Current form


In March, before their game against New Orleans, the Golden State Warriors were in a vulnerable position at number seven seed. Losing one more game could have put them one more loss away from falling out of the play-in.

A 120 – 109 score was a very welcome result, 17 points down by halftime, they managed to turn things around with the help of Curry, Thompson and Kevon Looney, and finish 11 points ahead by the final buzzer.

Succeeding in the playoffs will require a collaborative effort, with their three main stars, Curry, Thompson and Green being heavily relied on to deliver high energy performances and carry the team in the upcoming games.

Now is the time for the Warriors to prove that they can maintain performance and be NBA champions for a consecutive year.

Stephen Curry’s performance so far – Does he have what it takes?


Curry has now been with the Warriors for 14 seasons and was last season’s Final MVP. The 35 year old point guard is perhaps one of the most skilled players in NBA history.

He is best known for his ability on the offense. He is always on the move, whether it’s to make a play, get an open or stop on defense. He isn’t the largest in stature but his ability to throw the ball around or over bigger players more than makes up for this.

In February, Stephen Curry was sidelined with a left leg injury, this was only a few weeks after a return following a shoulder injury earlier in the season. However, not one to stay out the action for long Curry soon returned after missing a few games.

In their recent win against the Pelicans, Stephen led the way and scored three eight pointers. This was exactly what they needed to gain the lead, after being 20 points down. His injuries clearly have not had any lasting impact on this performance.

In another one of their more recent years, the Warriors scored a 130-115 victory against the San Antonio Spurs. Curry alongside Thompson and Poole combined 91 points and in that moment became only the second trio in the NBA to have 200 or more threes each.

He may have received some criticism for his brand deal with Under Armour , with some believing the brand is beneath the four time NBA champion. However, on the court there is little disagreement that Curry is one of the greatest shooters of all time.

As long as he can maintain his focus in the postseason and into the playoffs, avoiding any injury along the way, Curry has what it takes to see the Warriors make it to the final game.

Can the team win the NBA finals?

The Warriors are determined to defend their title and they are still in with a fair chance at victory. However, as always, there are some other very worthy contenders for the title.

For instance, looking at the current odds, after an eventful trade deadline the Phoenix Suns have now become one of the favorites. Ahead of them is last season’s runners-up, the Boston Celtics. If the Golden State Warriors can avoid the play-in tournament and succeed in the playoffs, they too will have a good shot at another championship win.