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5 Strategies for Enhancing Your Event Management Skills

Managing an event isn’t an easy task. It is understandable that you have many doubts and questions. Experience is not the only factor that can influence your success. For instance, people who organized a couple of events in the past can also get stuck. The reason is simple – you can’t use the same management strategy for every possible event. Keep in mind that rules are often different.

So, what does this mean? There are two things you need to be aware of! First and foremost, being an event manager isn’t a job for everyone. You need to have nerves and be a flexible person. Don’t let that fact scare you, but it is much better to understand the requirements before even starting this journey. Apart from that, you also need to be ready to improve your skills regularly. The expectations of people that plan to attend events that you manage vary.

But, how exactly can you enhance your event management skills? Well, that’s something you will be able to learn in this article. In the text below, we have highlighted some of the best methods to achieve that goal. Let’s go!


1. Immediate Planning


An immediate planning strategy actually requires you to start working on the event as soon as possible. Just because the event is organized for three months, that doesn’t mean you should start working on its organization 2 weeks before. Try to find out all the necessary and relevant information as soon as you can.

But, you can’t know how many guests will be there that early, can’t you? Well, there are some other tasks you can focus on as well. For instance, you can check out the best venues for the event. The earlier you book, the better price you will get. Apart from that, you can be sure that some beautiful places that will meet the expectations of all the guests are free.

There is another reason why you should decide on this move. As we stated above, this type of job requires a high level of flexibility. That means you also need to have plans B, C, and D. If you start working on your tasks too late, there may not be time to think of them. That especially counts for the type of event that you are organizing for the first time.

2. Networking Strategy

Believe it or not, networking is crucial for the success of every event manager. As a beginner, you may not have connections with a big number of venues and vendors. But, sooner or later, you will start to meet people. Thanks to online technology, you can start contact with them even from the comfort of your room.

Vendors are aware of the complicity that comes with this job. They do know that people have different expectations and that every event is different. If you stay in close contact with them, you won’t have to explain all the time how things should look and work.

There is another thing we strongly recommend! As an event manager, you will collaborate with a lot of volunteers. We strongly recommend you stay in touch with them as well. Some of them truly are professionals and you won’t have to guide them all the time. With a strong group of teammates, things will go smoothly.

3. Use the Event Technology


The 21st century may not be the best era of human history, but it certainly is the most advanced in terms of advanced technology. There is something we like to call event technology. It is actually a set of tools that can help you manage everything a lot easier. For example, there are apps like that connect people even before the events start. Why don’t you use the advantage of that sort of tool?

Apart from that, getting real-time feedback from the people that attend the event you organize is crucial for your skill improvement. You will know what they expect, what you did wrong, and which things you need to improve.

In the end, there are also navigation tools. People sometimes do not know exactly where they have to reach. With navigation tools, you will easily help them reach the destination you picked. They will come in a much better mood and make the moment even better. Positive energy always has that sort of effect!

Some of you will probably say “but I am not a technology geek”. No one expects you to be a web developer. These tools are not complex at all. The people that developed them dedicated their work to people like you. Still, even if the simplified version of any tool looks tough, you should hire someone who understands technology. It is enough to find ONE person that will take care of everything instead of you.

4. Be a Learner/Student

The skill improvement actually starts after the event ends. With or without advanced technology, you will gather feedback from average people. Their opinion is actually the most important piece of information you should have in mind. Every event should serve as a lesson. Things will not always be perfect. More precisely, something unexpected will often happen. Your goal is to solve those unexpected issues as soon as you can. That is the characteristic all professional event managers have.

5. Talk with Other Employees and Volunteers


Throughout this article, we were mostly focused on the feedback managers can get from the guests. However, you also need to put into consideration the feedback of the people that you worked with. They were part of the organization, and they understand the strategies you implemented better than anyone else. Apart from that, these people will have enough information to tell you whether the results of your decisions are good or bad. With these facts, you will easily improve your skills for the next event.


These are all the strategies that will help you enhance your event management skills. Each one is equally important, and we suggest you apply them all. Be a flexible person that accepts every feedback received from the people that hired you, guests that came to the event as well as volunteers and employees. That is the only way to become better!