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5 Ways New Technologies Are Making Casino Payment Systems More Secure

When we take a look at online casinos and technological achievements, we can clearly see how developments in the latter affect the first one. The gambling industry is one of the first to implement new things tech-wise, which is also why it is one with the highest growth in both the number of players and overall profits. Now, since money is the crucial element here, we will focus on how new technologies are making casino payment systems more secure.


The blockchain tech

We cannot talk about the latest tech achievements and not start with the blockchain, as it has revolutionized our world. Now, even though more than seven years have passed since we have realized that this tech can be used for other purposes as well and not just for cryptos, many people still instantly link blockchain with BTC. Of course, our monetary world will never be the same since 2009, but other aspects of blockchain are now used in many other industries, including gambling one. Namely, cryptography is one of the crucial segments that every online casino needs to cover if they want to be successful.

As for casinos, it all starts and ends with payments, regardless of whether we talk about depositing or withdrawing money. Everything is digitalized today, meaning that if you want to deposit money, you need to link your bank account with your profile on that website, and that’s where it gets tricky. That is also where safety and precaution measures step in, along with the blockchain technology, as since we wouldn’t want anyone to have access to our bank account, all this info needs to be well secured, and the blockchain is in charge of that.


There are layers and layers of cryptography protecting our data, meaning that hacking and accessing this info has never been more difficult. On the other hand, the blockchain has also sped up transactions, which was yet another problem people had with online gambling, as they usually had to wait for several hours and sometimes even days to withdraw or deposit money. All these things are in the past now because of blockchain technology.

Digital wallets

Okay, those into cryptocurrency are well aware of digital wallets and probably already have both cold and hot ones, just in case. But, if you are new to all this, the great thing about digital wallets is that using them for playing your favorite game of chance is much safer, easier, and faster. All that’s needed is to link it with your account when registering, and all the transactions will be instant. It is a great feature more and more people start using every year since having one simplifies everything, gambling included. Of course, some are still skeptical about it, and it’s mostly about safety, but, like with most things today, that’s more because of lack of info than anything else. It’s funny how people have never been less informed, especially about the latest tech developments even today, when all the information we might seek or need is just a few clicks away.

Payment options


The majority of people and even some people in this industry were skeptical when online casinos started, as there were simply too many things to focus on and cover. Of course, one of the biggest issues was about license and working with banks, as this was a bit tricky, and since everything revolves around money here, it was a problem at first, but today, all that is no longer an issue. Namely, we have so many payment options today that no one can say how they cannot register and play because they have an account on some website or use a certain bank that doesn’t cooperate with the website. Yes, we have come to a point where, regardless of whether you have a cloud account, or a digital wallet, you can play as much as you want, and even if you use some online payment system, guess what, you can link it with your account and enjoy playing.

Online payment systems

The biggest issue why we couldn’t use them for online gambling for so many years was not between casinos and governments, as it was between governments and online payment systems. Namely, these payment systems didn’t adjust and worked under governments’ laws and regulations, which is why they couldn’t be accepted as a payment option. Of course, much has changed today, as it was in everyone’s interest to sort these problems. The biggest thing was when PayPal, one of the global giants in this field, got approval as they are one of the few online payment companies that work under the law of the countries in which they operate.


That was a huge win-win situation since most people have an account on this platform, as it meant that they could easily and efficiently enjoy playing casino games. On the other hand, some online casinos still don’t have PayPal as a payment option, which is why doing a bit of research before registering is a must because choosing PayPal friendly casinos will speed up your transactions. For more information about online casinos that accept PayPal click here.

Crypto payments

Once again, we cannot overlook the importance of cryptos, as they are probably the most talked about topic. Yes, everyone knows about certain benefits of cryptocurrency, like that transactions are anonymous, but people often forget the level of security that comes with cryptos. In order to pay something with crypto, we need to have the right wallet first and then pick a payment system that works with cryptos. It is a much more complex thing than what we see on our phones, as the transactions are instant, but all these factors and this entire process also grant a much higher payment safety. Cryptocurrencies are well secured, and the payment systems have their own firewall that protects clients and their personal data, and as the last link in this chain, online casinos have their own safety measures, firewall, and software that protects their players. Overall, cryptos grant a much higher level of security of payments.