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8 Different Types of Coffee Specialties From Around The World

Coffee lovers all around the world enjoy drinking their morning cup, but also prefer different types of brews and specialties. There are many ways to prepare a coffee, using different varieties, like Criollo, Arabica, Robusta, etc. You can learn more about the different origins and roasts at, and find your favorite one.

Those who do enjoy coffee tend to have their own preferences when selecting specific types of coffee. Every person in the world has a favorite taste and some personal ritual related to coffee consumption.

So, today’s article is all about coffee lovers worldwide who enjoy the taste of these precious beans. No matter if you like it cold brewed, extracted, or mixed with milk foam, we are sure you will prepare a cup while you are reading this article.

So, let’s see what are the most popular specialties around the world:

1. Boiled ground beans

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In Turkiye, it’s known as Turkish coffee. In Greece, you will find it under the name Greek coffee. The preparation process is the same. Ground coffee is placed in cold water. A brass boiling pot, known as gezve, is used to heat the liquid evenly. Cinnamon or cardamom is usually added, and sugar can be added for those who like mild coffee. No milk is added to this specialty.

2. Espresso

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Espresso is a strong Italian style of coffee. It’s brewed using steam instead of hot water. The espresso machine uses steam pressure and temperature to create a rich, full-flavored beverage. Espresso is a favorite specialty of Italians, but the culture of drinking this specialty is represented in almost all of Europe. To make a good espresso, you need to have a suitable coffee machine. The ground beans are treated with hot steam to extract the full flavor and caffeine potential. It is served in a small cup, and the taste is intense and strong. Many do not use sugar at all to sweeten their coffee.

3. Americano

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The Americano coffee is usually a blend of two varieties of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. This unique coffee is many’s favorites because it tastes great, but it’s not too strong at the same time. There are two ways to brew this coffee. The first way is to pour hot water over the grounds left behind after brewing the first cup. Second, the pour-over method would consist of pouring the hot water directly onto the ground coffee.

Most of the time, more water is added, to make the beverage drinkable and easily consumable. Often, bars water down the espresso shot so they can make Americano.

4. Chemex

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Chemex is a popular coffee machine from France, but today it’s a common name for the filter coffee we know pretty well. The Chemex machine consists of a glass pitcher that holds a filter basket and a funnel. The container is filled with cold water, but the machine heats it up. So, the hot water is slowly poured over the coffee dose, until the desired volume of beverage is reached.

The usual filter coffee is often referred to as French Roast. But in general, it’s a hot brew coffee, that you can drink immediately, or you can add milk or milky steam for better taste.

5. Irish Coffee

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Irish coffee is a combination of strong espresso, sweetened condensed milk, and Kahlua. Kahlua is a liquor that comes from coffee beans. The traditional recipe requires Irish whiskey, but it can be too strong for drinkers that aren’t used to the taste.

Today you can find instant Irish coffee powder, that has the same taste, but no alcohol inside it. Some bars replace Kahlua with Baileys, so the beverage can be silky and smooth, and easy to consume.

6. Greek Frappe

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If you ever visited Greece during the summer, you’ve seen many people drink frappe. It’s a mixed instant coffee with water until it becomes foamy. You can drink it with sugar and milk, or use plant-based milk if possible.

The frappe beverage became a worldwide trend thanks to TikTok and other social media. It’s so easy to make, because you use instant coffee, and you have a real specialty in just a few minutes or so.

7. Cappuccino

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A cappuccino is an espresso shot with milky foam added. It was created in Milan, Italy.  A cappuccino is usually served in a cup, and it is often topped with whipped cream.

Some baristas prepare it by mixing the espresso with milky foam, but according to the Italians, it’s brewed through coffee beans, for a lighter taste.

You can prepare it at home easily, especially if you already own an espresso machine. At this point, we can mention the well-known latte and macchiato types, because they are all derived from espresso with added milk.

8. Tiramisu

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At the end of this article, we will mention a wonderful dessert. You must have tried it too. To make tiramisu you need cookies that are dipped in a mixture of coffee and Kahlua. The cream is made from sweet cream and condensed milk, and cream cheese can also be used.

This is one of the most beautiful desserts made with coffee. Many people love tiramisu and would eat it every day.


Coffee is a very individual thing for each of us. Almost all people have different preferences when it comes to coffee. You can drink it with or without sugar, add different kinds of milk, or prefer it warm instead of cold.

However, it is good to know that you are not alone and that many people in the world have the same passion. In fact, today we associate coffee with friendship, family, companionship, and closeness. For many, coffee is a way to spend quality time together and enjoy the wonderful taste.

Do you also have a favorite coffee specialty? What is your favorite way to consume coffee? Do you want to drink it alone or with company? Feel free to share your habits with us to inspire other people to enjoy the ritual of drinking coffee.