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Understanding Nfl Lines How Nfl Lines & Point Spreads Work

When watching a regular or post season contest, many NFL fans find continuous enjoyment when upping the stakes by wagering on some of the league’s most highly anticipated bouts in an effort to earn even greater winnings depending on whether their in-play predictions come to fruition.

NFL lines are an individual form of wagering via a popular sportsbook, such as the odds presented on BetUS for all future contests, that can include a number of distinct ways of wagering for whatever fixture that an NFL fan resides an interest in.

Sports betting has emerged as a major hot commodity for a number of appropriately aged fans from a variety of sports, which also includes the NFL due to the league’s status as one of the best and most prestigious on the planet today.

There are various different means and methods that fans can utilize to wager with/against for any odds that draw their attention and the likely winnings that they’re raring for a chance to compete for at the events conclusion.

For those new to betting on the NFL, these are some of the most popular lines that you should definitely choose to place wagers with:

Point Spread:


One of the most familiar betting methods out of any listed below, point spread provides punters with an easy means of telling who the favorite and underdog is before any encounter, as the favorite is always merited with a negative sign whilst the underdog is met with the opposing positive sign by how many points they are likely to win by.

This is a straight-forward way for newcomer punters to understand the candidates in question ahead of any game as it showcases the bookmakers personal picks as to who they believe will be the favorite to wager with/against in any case.

Point Spread is used across various sportsbooks and has remained an integral part towards the nation’s betting circuit for many decades due to its simplicity directed towards punters and the enticing winnings that are present, making this the main method of betting used by NFL audiences.

Money Line:


Money Line has a similar layout to point spread odds, yet there remains an even greater level of simplicity surrounding money line as this purely features around the favorite and underdog of the bet in question and who the true winner is likely to be.

Once again, the favorite will be represented with a minus sign whilst the underdog will be met with a plus sign and, unlike point spread, there is no extra odds surrounding the actual score of the contest but rather who the outright favorite is.

This form of betting can be applied to numerous odds such as active NFL games and even outrights including who will win the Superbowl next year or who will be selected with the territorial first overall selection in the upcoming NFL draft class.

An example of a money line could include a future contest between a clear-cut favorite team and a major underdog, such as if the Superbowl champions Kansas City Chiefs squared off against the worst ranked team in the league (that being the Chicago Bears as of this season), with the Chiefs being the clear front-runners ahead of the Bears which is dubiously merited with a negative sign for their winner odds.

Fractional Odds:


This is a method that is mainly used overseas in countries such as the UK and Australia, yet this can still be integrated into various NFL encounters/events thanks to this specified line providing fans with a greater insight into how much they’re likely to earn after placing a wager.

The numerator (the number on the top/left) determines how much you are likely to win from a bet depending on the number present on the denominator (the number on the bottom/right) which shows the initial starting stake available.

An example could include fans betting on how many touchdowns Patrick Mahomes is likely to throw in a game, with a 3/1 being presented on Mahomes to pass for over two touchdowns, which means that if the wager is a success, the punter will pocket $3 from an initial $1 stake meaning that they can bet upwards of a larger sum on how much that they’re willing to bet based on whether they believe that this wager is likely to come true.

There are various other ways that fans can wager across the numerous NFL contests that occupy the newly furbished 17-game season, with these being amongst the most popular and frequently utilized betting lines presented to fans across numerous high-profile sportsbooks.

Given that the 2022/23 NFL season has now reached its conclusion, there is certainly hype building ahead of Draft night and free agency which will have fans being quick to guess as to who they believe can emerge as a lively Superbowl contender next season and which individual players will continue to establish themselves as NFL superstar athletes.