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What Makes Unisex Clothing so Different

If you take some time to browse through several popular online stores, you might notice that an increasing number of well-known brands choose to get rid of their “male” and “female” categories. Instead of that, they opt for introducing the unisex category, which contains pieces that aren’t dictated by gender and that aren’t targeted towards specific niches.

Since you might have recently discovered unisex clothing, you might be wondering what makes it so different than everything else. Luckily for all individuals that are wondering the same thing, our article will shed some light on the entire topic. But, before we take a look at what makes this type of clothing different, let’s first learn what it is:


Unisex Clothing: Explained


To put it as simply as possible, unisex clothes are clothing pieces that aren’t designed for specific genders. This means that they aren’t targeted at males and females, they aren’t dictated by traditional gender colors – such as pink for women and blue for men– which basically means that everyone could sport such clothes. However, it’s worth mentioning that, for many people, it portrays more than just garments that they can use for expressing themselves.

For example, a lot of people view it as a means for establishing equality between genders, as well as a tool for ensuring fluidity. Because of this, genderless clothing is slowly, but surely becoming present in the fashion world and since more and more companies choose to manufacture pieces that aren’t dictated by gender, it’s pretty safe to say that this type of clothes will be increasingly present in the huge and forever-changing fashion industry.

So, What Are The Reasons Why It’s So Different?

1. It Normalizes Everything Around us

If you browse through stores that mostly market unisex clothing, you’ll quickly realize that this type of clothing has something for everyone, which is one of the main reasons why it’s so different from everything else available on the market. This suggests that it’s completely gender-neutral, hence, you can basically sport anything you prefer – yes, you can, for example, put on a dress or skirt even if you’re a man.

In some ways, gender-neutral clothes are a way to protest the differences and inequality between different genders, hence, even if you choose to wear some pieces that don’t fall into your gender category, people will have to deal with what you have chosen. Another important thing that is worth mentioning is that this type of fashion can and does slow down fast fashion cycles, which is something that leads us to the next point of this article…

2. It is Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable


Did you know that fast fashion cycles lead to an increase in pollution? Yup, this is entirely true and something that can slow down the cycles is unisex clothing. How? Well, it’s simple to understand – gender-neutral clothes slow down the forever-changing fashion trends, mostly by offering clothes that are suitable for everyone. Hence, people feel less required for adapting themselves to the trends, thus, they can, in fact, slow down the cycles.

This implies that, if you wish to be more environmentally friendly and if you want to make sure that you wear sustainable clothes that will slow down the rate of pollution, you might want to opt for genderless clothes. By wearing such pieces, you’ll be capable of promoting sustainability, meaning that you’ll also be promoting Eco-friendly companies that care about lowering the rate of pollution happening because of changing fashion trends.

3. It Helps With Promoting Equality Between All Genders

As we mentioned, this type of clothing promotes equality between all genders simply by taking away the ideal that brands use for manufacturing clothes. Manufacturing the same pieces available to all genders promotes the concept of self-awareness, which is something that’ll most definitely help with gender equality. After all, everyone will be wearing the same type of clothes, which leads to the question of why everyone cannot get the same salary, career opportunities, and so on.

Now, unisex clothing doesn’t only mean that there are jeans for everyone, instead, it means that there are also dresses and gowns for all genders. Additionally, it isn’t only reserved for, for instance, formal clothes, mostly because you can find a wide array of clothes that’ll suit all occasions. If you’re interested in seeing some casual clothes that are completely unisex, you can check this particular website out for more info.

4. It Promotes Neutrality Between All Genders


You should know that genderless clothing is an expression that could be traced back to the ‘60s and it was a method for giving some power back to females in an era where men basically ruled the world. Modern genderless pieces are a means for promoting neutrality between genders, hence, nowadays, it isn’t only targeted towards women, instead, it signifies that the wearer could show support for a different and non-binary lifestyle, no matter what gender they opt for.

5. A Wide Range of Options to Choose From

I love wearing unisex clothing, mostly because it allows me to wear something that I feel completely comfy and relaxed in. For instance, I have various shirts in my closet that, in the past, would only be put on by men, however, today, women can wear such garments as well. There are literally endless possibilities and options that you can choose from, all of which will help you express your lifestyle, preferences, as well as your defined gender.


Genderless clothing is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world, mostly because it’s created for marketing clothes that all people could wear. Besides this, it will promote equality between a wide array of genders and it’s completely Eco-friendly, which is why you should seriously consider getting some unisex clothes.

Since you now know what this type of clothing is, as well as what makes it so different than everything else, you shouldn’t lose any more of your free time reading guides similar to this one. Instead, if you now want to wear unisex clothes, start browsing different online stores so that you can find something that doesn’t suit your gender, instead, find something that’ll suit your preferences.