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What will bring us 2023 Black Friday?

It’s November now, and most responsible businesses are considering updating or prolonging server usage for the new period. Of course, they want to save money, so they are waiting until this month because most operators reduce the prices for different hosting types. Let’s look into the details of that.

November vs. other months – when cheaper


The prices on the hosting rise every couple of months and rarely drop. Inflation, high demand in certain segments, and hesitations on the electricity market often boost them. Of course, the providers try to stabilize them, offering periodical discounts. They may happen at any time but not long or constantly due to business rules: if the deal lasts most of the time, something must be fixed here.

The dedicated servers can’t be cheap because they are more powerful and competitive instruments than their analogs. But some configurations formed in a couple of past years are still capable today. As our friends from the APC magazine say, using the performable last year’s chips and components in cheaper solutions becomes the new good etiquette. That’s actually in smartphone, laptop, and server branches too.

VSYS Host offers these discounts too. For example, the configuration based on 2 TB SSD storage under the control of Xeon E3-1230 CPU is cheaper than Dual E5-2670, which is newer – $58 against $199. The ports are different – 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps, correspondingly. These promotions update regularly. Check our cheap dedicated server hosting offers now.

Thus, why wait for Black Friday if the promo options are available? Just visit the provider’s website and choose any time, whatever you feel like. That’s ok, but there’s a slight nuance. Q3 and Q4 of each year are the time of refreshment and presentation of new products. The manufacturers start to ship the following year’s components in early October, but they cost cheaper than the regular price when this product comes to the public.

The respective hosting providers visit the exhibitions and order the required hardware immediately on flexible conditions. These details come to them in October-November before the official launch. And here comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Of course, the provider wants to offer new possibilities quicker to gain extra profit. Its team sends the newsletter or creates the black friday dedicated server deals. Each existing or new customer can enjoy the new reality earlier than the others. Besides, the conditions are so advantageous. Eat one’s cake and have it axiom is correct here. The offer attracts new customers. Customers have the chance to test the latest equipment. Some of them can upgrade their existing servers to work at the peak of their load.


As you see, the rabbit isn’t only the fur. The 2023 Black Friday prepared tons of surprises: 2023 components priced as in 2023, a chance to use the still performable systems of the past years for less money. If you decide to refresh your website, call us, and we’ll help you to solve the puzzle up to 70% cheaper than usual.