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Four Tips For Marketing In Chicago

Marketing is essential for any brand or business to find continual growth. Great marketing techniques can help insure new customers but keep existing ones as well.

Whether you have a new business venture you want to explore or an want to build one you already established, there are some ways you can market your brand that will provide results. In some areas some techniques are better than others, these tips are great for the Chicago area.

Chicago, one of the largest cities in the U.S is a bustling city with many tourist destinations. A perfect place to advertise your brand to millions of people each year. It is a place known for its music, food and architecture that is full of opportunity.

There are four tips that can help your start in marketing in the Chicago area. The first is billboards, due to the large number of people that live in this city, your brand is bound to be seen everyday. Chicago billboards when put in the right place can drastically improve your business turnout.

The next two are College Universities and creating Engaging Content on different platforms. These are two great techniques you can use and well touch on those later. The last one is using local talent. Using the resources that are closest to you can go a long way in building your brand.


1. Are Billboards Useful?


Some people say that billboards are outdated and no longer useful. This is not true, although in some areas billboards can be put in the wrong area causing no difference in a business. Billboards need to be put in high traffic areas to get the most out of our investment.

Chicago billboards are a great investment because the amount of eyes that will see it are massive. Of course the better the design, plus the placement of the billboard will determine the effectiveness of it.

Billboards are not even hard to get anymore, there are websites that make it quick and easy to reserve a spot for you. Now there are even regular billboards and digital billboards so your ideas can be more intricate than in the past. Prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand, but the impressions it can leave can reach millions.

2. College and Universities


Colleges are one of the most diverse places you can connect with people from all over the world. You can find people of different ages and backgrounds located in one spot. This is the perfect place to advertise your business.

With thousands of students at each university, there is a great chance for people to see your brand or business. Although you may have to freshen up your strategy to connect with a younger crowd.

Have memorable ads, host events, sponsor clubs and have a presence on campus that forces the students to remember you. Once you do that the students will do the hard work for you by word of mouth, and telling other people about your brand.

There are 28 universities throughout Chicago and that is a chance to connect with thousands of potential customers.

3. What is Engaging Content?


Now it is important more than ever to create engaging content. People’s attention spans have shortened so it is imperative to catch their eye and keep it. So stepping out the box may be needed for a good marketing run.

In order to make good content you have to make sure you ask yourself why is my product important, what do you want the customer to do with this information, and what are the goals for this advertisement?  Your marketing campaign should answer all these questions before putting it out.

Also it is important to tell a story through different channels. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, magazines. Different apps or different mediums should be used to get at your customer base.

4. Use Local Talent

Not only do large companies need to use marketing tactics, but smaller businesses as well. These businesses when they are just starting out may only want to connect with their local communities and surrounding areas.

A great marketing tip is to use local talent as spokespeople for your brand. If you can find mutual values and goals it should be something to look into.

A city like Chicago has a ton of talent in all fields of entertainment, from music to dance to art. Finding a rising talent that already has the community behind it would be a great way to endorse your product to their audience. It may cost more than a Chicago billboard but may have a dramatic effect on your business or brand.


There are tons of marketing techniques you can use for your brand or business, especially in a great city like Chicago. The background of a major historical city, and the tourist presence can be used to your advantage.

Whether you use a Chicago billboard, that can be a normal one or a digital. Or, you choose to market at a college and university with engaging content. Lastly, you can use the local talent of Chicago to expand your presence to even more people.

Marketing in Chicago has become easier as ever and using these tips your marketing search can become a little less stressful.