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How Smartphones Can Improve Our Memory Skills

One of the most notable features of a smartphone is its ability to provide an instant Google search. It turns out that people who used their smartphones as an answer database were worse at remembering facts than those who did not — even if they googled the question but then wrote it down, according to a study in PLOS One. Here are some tips on how smartphones can improve our memory skills

1. Maintain a Diary


You can use your smartphone to record exciting facts for future use. Write down interesting things about history, geography, and other subjects. You will find that it helps you build up a store of knowledge that can be used to impress people in everyday life. Therefore, it will help you to remember the information. The study by Daphne Bavelier and Roberto Scerbo in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences shows that our memory skills are less accurate if we use our phones.

It is not that you cannot remember anything. While carrying out the study, the researchers found that if a smartphone is used to help you remember information during a short period, it will be more similar to someone who uses it for a prolonged period. This means that you need to use the phone as a diary.

2. Make Predictions

It is a great way to learn without learning. You will have more fun predicting the future when you find something interesting but do not have to be sure about it. Many people use Twitter trends to predict what will happen next week as they can gain more followers on their Twitter accounts.

Keep track of trending topics, as they may be instrumental in helping you remember information later on when you need it most. You can also use Google Trends to check the volume of searches related to a specific topic. Then, you can make a prediction yourself of what people search on the subject.

3. Create Flash Cards


Regular flashcards are ideal for memorizing information in an organized way that one can recall later. This can also be done on your phone. You will find it helpful as you do not need to carry a notebook and pen or print out the information on paper to learn it later.

You can use websites such as Crossword maker, which is easy to use and does not require any knowledge about programming. Flash cards are an excellent tool for memorizing definitions and other information about subjects such as geography, history, literature, etc.

4. Use Anagrams

Anagrams are an excellent way to use your imagination to improve your memory. For example, you can use an anagram to remember the name of a person or place. You do not have to represent the name, but give it an entirely new meaning.

It can also be used for names of places or words that you already know. Once you get bored with the same old information, try writing these names down another way and seeing if you still remember them. It will soon help you to recall them in a more creative yet efficient manner.

5. Use Captioning


The more you listen, the more you will remember. Google’s voice recognition system allows this technology to be used for captioning and other online videos. It is an excellent way to learn without learning, as you will find it easier to memorize information if you use it throughout your day.

There are many applications, such as Dragon Dictation, which is easy to use, and transcripts are easy to send and can also be used as a topic for learning.

When learning or remembering information, we are similar in what we do on a smartphone and paper.

6. Keep Track of Your Studying

As you are studying in class or reading a book, it is essential to take notes. However, you must carry out all these tasks manually because there is no practical way to record information. However, the latest generation of phones is now incorporating these functions into mobile phones.

This means that we not only have note-taking apps available on our smartphones, but we can also use those same notes on our computers. Apple’s Notes app allows you to create text documents and listen to audio recordings while working on them. One can also create lists of words and other facts during lectures and transcribe them into a text document afterward—the was so helpful in that it was used to memorize all the information about a subject for an exam.

7. Use Games


One of the most effective ways to learn new information is to use memory games like Concentration. While it is possible to play these games on your computer, smartphone games for this purpose are also available. You can download them from the app store and play them whenever you want to improve your memory skills. A game can be used as a strategy for memorizing information so that you will remember it forever.

There are also games we learn by ourselves through our interest in them. For example, there is a game called Minecraft where we create our world using blocks, and we have to explore it to find rare items that we can sell or use in our survival world. However, remember to play these games on your own when you are ready with all the information.

Our mind is very powerful and it can be used to accomplish great things. We can use our memory to remember information because it is in our nature. Memory is the key to success, and many people need to learn how to use it better.