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A Guide to Repairing MP4 Videos Using Repairit Online and Offline Methods

MP4 videos are a go-to format for capturing and sharing memorable moments. However, you can encounter scenarios when your MP4 files get corrupted or damaged. This can surely ruin the memories you have saved in the form of videos. A video repair tool to repair videos has become essential to avoid such incidents and recover lost memories.

For this purpose, you can turn your heads towards Wondershare Repairit to help you solve MP4 file-related issues. Therefore, this article will discuss methods to fix corrupted videos using different techniques Repairit provides.


Part 1: Useful Tricks and Tips to Avoid Corruption in MP4 Videos


Ensuring the safety of your MP4 video files is very important to avoid the hassle of repairing these files. There are so many tips and techniques to overcome this problem. To preserve your video files, you can get help from these valuable suggestions:

  1. Install Antivirus Software: Protect your MP4 files from corruption by installing reputable antivirus software. These programs offer real-time scanning to detect and eliminate potential threats. Additionally, these software safeguard your videos from malicious attacks.
  2. Backup Videos Regularly: You can preserve your valuable MP4 files by backing them up regularly. By creating duplicates of your videos and storing them securely, you can restore your video in case the original file gets corrupted.
  3. Use Storage Devices with Caution: Users should defend their videos by scanning storage devices with antivirus software before use. Additionally, they have to exercise caution when connected to public computers and ensure proper ejection to minimize the risk.
  4. Make Edits on Copied Video Files: Minimize the risk of video corruption during editing and conversion processes by working on copies of your original files. Preserving your original MP4 videos can prevent accidental damage and ensure smooth editing workflows.
  5. Maintain Your Device Battery: By maintaining adequate device battery levels, you can prevent unexpected device shutdowns. If not managed, these shutdowns can lead to MP4 file corruption. Let’s play!

Part 2: A User-Friendly Guide to Repair MP4 Files Online via Wondershare Repairit

Now, you know the useful tricks and tips to avoid corruption with MP4 files. But if you are already facing the issue, you might need a tool to repair MP4 file. For this purpose, you can try Repairit Online for a quick and efficient video repair process. This online MP4 video repair supports different storage media, including mobiles, hard drives, and more, for recovering your videos.

However, you can only upload MP4 files up to 50MB on the free online version. However, the paid version of this online tool allows you to upload around 3GB of video. Plus, with its offline AI video enhancement feature, you can improve your overall video quality. So, if you want to fix this issue with Repairit Online, here is a simple guide to initiate the process:

Step 1. Access the Online Video Repair Feature

To start repairing the MP4 file, access the Repairit official website on your browser. Now, enter the “Online Video Repair” feature through the “Product” drop-down menu.

Step 2: Add Your Corrupted Video File to the Online Tool

Then, hit the “Add” button to access the Repairit Online dashboard. Here, you have to click on the “Video Repair” tab and again press the “Add Video” button to upload your corrupted MP4 file to this tool.

Step 3. Repair the Uploaded MP4 Video Files

After uploading the video, you will see the repair list screen. Upon adding all files, hit the “Repair All” button to start the process. Now, wait for a few minutes, as it will take a few moments to repair the MP4 file. Afterward, download the repaired videos on your device to preserve your memories.

Part 3: Using Wondershare Repairit Offline Version to Fix Your MP4 Videos


In the above section, we discussed the steps to fix the corrupted MP4 files with Repairit Online. However, you might need an offline tool to repair your corrupted video if you don’t have strong internet access. For this, Repairit also offers an offline version that can work without an internet connection. With this, you can directly fix any broken or unplayable MP4 videos from your device.

Besides, this tool to repair corrupt MP4 supports different video formats, like MOV, MP4, and MKV. With this offline tool, users can also repair critically damaged files from various storage devices. The best thing is that it has an intelligent sample polling algorithm to identify video damage. You simply have to follow these steps to get your corrupted MP4 files back:

Step 1. Install Repairit and Import MP4 File for Video Repair

Before starting the process, download and install the Repairit offline version from its official website. Then, select the “Video Repair” tab from the left panel of this MP4 repair tool. Next, you can either drag and drop the file or import it by clicking the “+ Add” button.

Step 2. Start the Process of Repairing Your MP4 Files

After that, the Video Repair interface will appear, showing you the file size, time, and resolution of imported videos. From the bottom right corner, hit the button “Repair” to start repairing these MP4 files.

Step 3. Preview the Repaired MP4 Video Before Saving

After a successful repair process, preview the repaired video file and verify if the corruption is fixed. Lastly, hit the “Save” button, choose the location, and your file will be stored in your specified location.

Part 4: Other Effective Features to Enhance Video Repair Process

Other than basic functionalities, this video repair software offers additional features. All these features enhance the video repairing process. Let’s analyze these MP4 video repair features for a better understanding:

1. Batch Video Repair

Wondershare Repairit allows users to import multiple corrupted files at a time. By doing so, you can repair several MP4 files to save time and effort. With this feature, users get to process all their damaged videos in one go.

2. Preview Videos

Using this feature, users will be able to preview repaired videos before saving them. Therefore, this will ensure that the result matches our expectations. By providing the preview option, it empowers users to assess the effectiveness of the repair process.

3. Repair HD, 4K, & 8K

Wondershare Repairit supports repairing HD, 4K, and 8K videos to cater to users with different video quality needs. Whether dealing with standard or high resolution, this video repair tool should be your preferred choice.

4. High Success Rate

Backed by advanced algorithms, this MP4 video repair tool has a high success rate in repairing videos. This video repair software restores broken or damaged videos precisely to ensure optimal results.

Final Words


All in all, avoiding and repairing MP4 corruption can help you preserve memories. For this purpose, you can utilize offline and online solutions provided by Repairit. With its patent technology and batch processing, this tool stands as the best among the competitors. So, access this video repair tool online or offline to streamline your video repair process.