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Get Your SD Card Data Back With Wondershare Recoverit Recovery Features

SD cards stand out as a popular choice for preserving precious memories and safeguarding essential documents. Yet, they are vulnerable to corruption and pose a constant threat to your data integrity. It is common for SD cards to mess up and make you lose photos, videos, and documents. With the assistance of Wondershare Recoverit, getting them back is easier than ever.

Whether your SD card gets messed up from being handled roughly or accidentally formatted, this tool can save the day by recovering everything in it. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to recover your memory card and some common indicators of this issue.


Part 1: Wondershare Recoverit: Your Ultimate Companion to Recover SD Card Data


If you are facing issues like unintentional file deletion or accidental formatting, worry no more. With the help of Wondershare Recoverit, you can now get all your projects and memorable photos back in no time. This user-friendly data recovery software offers advanced features that will not only retrieve your significant data but also save it on your devices safely.

Moreover, you can retrieve files from corrupted disks and crashed computers. This data recovery tool preserves the confidential information in your desired location and does not alter the data. The quick and deep scan modes of this tool allow users to scan multiple files while proceeding with the data recovery procedure simultaneously.

Part 2: Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Memory Card Data via Recoverit

The easy-to-use interface of this data recovery software assists you in recovering all your significant data in no time. Follow this straightforward process to initiate the data retrieval process and get your hands on all your SD card lost data:

Step 1. Launch Recoverit and Choose SD Card Drive

Firstly, install this innovative data recovery software and launch it on your Windows or MacBook. Next, select the SD card drive from the “Hard Drives and Location” tab to initiate the data recovery.

Step 2. Start Scanning Process to Locate Desired Files

Afterward, this data recovery tool will start the deep scan and locate any data you may have lost or deleted. Once you have found the desired file, you can stop or pause the data scanning process.

Step 3. Recover the Lost/Deleted Files From the SD Card

Once the deep data recovery scan is complete, you can easily preview the desired recovered files. Next, hit the “Recover” option to recover all the deleted files.

Part 3: Few of the Most Common Indicators of SD Card Memory Loss


Losing all your memories and not knowing the cause must be frustrating. To overcome such issues, you must know the probable cause and take preventive measures to avoid data corruption again. Here is a list of common reasons why you lose your precious SD card data:

  • SD Card Formatting: One of the most prevalent causes of memory loss is formatting. You might format your SD card occasionally to gain more storage space on your devices. However, there are times when formatting could be accidental or unintentional.
  • Inability to Read Missing Files: Memory problems usually arise when your computer cannot read files from your SD card. Users can experience slow device performance and memory loss due to this error.
  • Data Transference Issues: If you cannot share data with your device, this is an indicator of SD card memory loss. Moreover, if your device cannot save additional files, you need to recover data from SD card immediately.
  • Receiving Error Messages: Constantly receiving error messages like “unable to read SD card” is the common indicator of SD card memory loss.

Part 4: Other Premium Features Offered by Recoverit for Data Recovery

This data recovery software offers various other features other than the basics. With the help of Wondershare Recoverit, you can recover various other file formats from various systems or devices without hassle, such as:

1. Media Files Recovery

You can also recover photos and videos with the help of this data recovery tool. The media recovery feature of this tool is compatible with all storage devices. With its lost partition recovery feature, you can easily compile your images in optimal quality.

Users can recover deleted files from SD cards in various formats like MP4, FLA, ASF, and more. It is also compatible with RAW, PSD, PNG, and many formats to save your image in the desired format without hindering the quality.

2. Document Files Recovery

Worry no more if you have lost an important Excel file of a project or accidentally deleted your university presentation. This data recovery tool can restore around 1000+ files in a few seconds. With this, you can quickly recover all your work-related emails.

Moreover, it is compatible with 2000+ devices, including NAS servers and Linux systems. This software is compatible with various formats of Excel like XLT, CSV, XLSB, XLSM, etc.

3. Recovery From Devices

This data recovery software is not just confined to a single system or format. With Wondershare Recoverit, you can recover data on NAS drives regardless of the format. This tool helps you rebuild and reconstruct RAID in a way that the system will survive any failure it undergoes again. It is compatible with various NAS brands like Synology, D-Link, Thecus, and a few more.

4. USB Flash Drive Recovery

If you have accidentally formatted or deleted files from your flash drives, Recoverit offers solutions for it all. It is compatible with pen drives, memory sticks, and thumb drives as well. Moreover, you can recover data from Micro USB, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, and Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Final Words


All in all, you are now familiar with the reasons your SD card might be prone to corrupt and lost videos. However, you can easily retrieve them with the help of Wondershare Recoverit in the simplest steps, as we mentioned in this guide. Also, we have discussed several other features of this tool for data recovery. You can try it by yourself if you ever need to recover your precious SD card data.